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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the name of the Hotel/Bar?
    We do not reveal the name of the Hotel/Bar/Nightclub until the initial deposit has been paid to prevent people from using us as an information service. We do not act as a free advertiser for our partners. There are a host of images of the accommodation choices we use on each package page.
    What if you send us the confirmation of booking after paying the deposit with the name of the bar/hotel and nightclub on it and I am not happy with your choices?
    If for whatever reason you are not happy with our choice of accommodation/bar/nightclub you can avail of a full refund of the deposit within 5 days of receiving the information on the hotel – to date this has not occured. We only use reputable venues and suppliers as it is in our interest that you receive good service on any booking made through us as it is our business name that is effected if the choices are not up to standard.
    We have everything booked ourselves (not through Belles & Blazers) but I was wondering if you could reccommend a restaurant we can eat at?
    We do not reccommend Hotels, bars, nightclubs to people, we do not act as a free advertiser for our partners nor do we act as a directory we are booking agent only.
    When I get a quote does that mean that there is availability in the hotel/activity/bar & nightclub for that date?

    The package information sent to you is just to give you more info on the package. Unless we specifically state that there is availability for the date you requested then it is just a quote for a package.
    I would like to do the dance class package but there are 3 who do not want to do the dance class do they still have to pay for it?

    We can amend all packages so if there are a few who do not wish to take part in any of the activities we can amend there package to reflect this. Please do note that some activies are based on the number of people and any decrease in guests can affect the price of the package.
    Are there any hidden charges?
    No, the price you are quoted is the price per person and wholely includes everything that is outlined in the package. There are no surprises, all costs are presented up front and in plenty of time.
    A few of the divorcées close friends would like to go for the Friday night also can we do this?
    Of course we can book in as many as you like for a 2 night package and the rest of the girls can join you on the Saturday.
    I have 30 girls on the list of invited guests to the divorce party but I do not think all of them will go what happens if I book for 30 people now but the numbers drop closer the time?
    To make a booking all we require is the approximate number of people going. We would always reccomend to make the booking for the max number of people going on the party weekend and work backwards. Within a few weeks of making contact with the invited guests you will get a few people who definitely cannot make it. We require an up date on the number of people going on the party 28 days prior to the party. If at that point there are only 20 people we will reduce the amount due on the invoice to reflect that amendment. You can amend the numbers up to 14 days prior to the party at which point you will be making the full payment for all going. If there are still one or two people left to pay at this point we can mark them as provisional and work with you on it for a max of 4 days (10 days prior to the arrival date) if at 10 days prior to the arrival date we do not receive payment for the remaining people due to pay we would have to release the rooms and activity space booked for them as otherwise we would have to pay a cancellation fee.
    Why do I have to pay a booking deposit?
    When making a booking you will be asked to confirm your booking with 2 persons full payment. We require this as our suppliers require deposits off us to secure the space you are holding. When you book rooms in a hotel or a time for an activity they will be turing away other business for that date and they want to ensure that the bookings they have booked in are secure and they are not turning away business for a booking that might not go ahead.
    Are deposits refundable if I change my mind on a booking?
    No, all payments are non refundable.
    Can I pay by Credit/Debit card over the phone?
    We do not have the facility to accept Credit or debit card transactions at the moment.
    How can I pay my deposit?
    You can pay all deposits/final payments by: Bank transfer online Bank lodgement – we are AIB IBAN transfer Postal Order Cheque Bank Draft. When you make a booking with us we send you an invoice with all details you require on it.
    Can each person pay into the bank account individually?

    No, each party should only have 2 transactions per booking. The Inital deposit of 2 persons payment 7 days after making the booking. The final payment for all guests attending at least 14 days prior to the party.
    One of the girls wont know if they can come or not until the day before the divorce party what do I do?
    Tell us straight away when this situation comes to your attention as we will work with a group and the hotel organisor as much as possible to ensure that everyone gets a bed and yet that the hotel does not hold space unnecessarily. Each case will be dealt with individually.
    One of the girls says she is going but I cannot get a payment from her, she doesn't want to pay until the day what do I do?
    If she does not pay we have no choice but to assume she is not going and remove her from the rooming list. She cannot pay on the day as we pay each of our suppliers 7 days in advance of the event date.
    Why do you require payment in advance of the event date?
    We cannot hold space for people if we have no guarantee they are going to show up on the day as we would have to pay their balance as a no show booking. We get a discount from each of our suppliers as we send them a large number of bookings and we guarantee them payment in advance of the groups arrival. Due to this discount we do not have to increase the cost of the activity/accommodation onto the customer so most of the time you pay the same if not less than if you booked directly yourself.
    Is transport to the activity included in the package price?
    We do not include the price of the transport into our packages as most people have their own transpor. If you wish to add transport do ask and we can arrange this for you.
    Will there be someone from Belles & Blazers be there to meet us at the hotel etc?
    There will not be anyone there from Belles & Blazers at the party. We will send you a full itinerary with directions, schedule details and contact numbers we will have everything arranged for you all you need to do is follow the itninerary.
    One of the Girls has pulled out a few days prior to the hen but she has her full payment made can she get her money back?
    All payments are non refundable.
    One of the girls is a Coeliac, can you cater for her?
    Yes of course, just let us know of any food allergies as soon as it comes to your attention and mark it very clearly on the rooming list and we will ensure this information gets passed onto the restaurant/hotel.
    Do you have Terms and Conditions?
    Yes. Please do check out Belles and Blazers Terms and Conditions

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