CSI Investigation

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    CSI Investigation
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    What To Expect:
    The CSI Save the Groom activity is fast becoming a favourite amongst the adventurous groups!

    The “Party Organiser" films the gsomeone close to the divorcéeg getting kidnapped. On the day of the divorce party, the organiser takes the group along to a bar, where they will be met by our "Garda" who will escort the group to the investigation room.

    They will be shown the hostage video of the kidnapped person pleading to be rescued. The group is then split into teams of 4 and are given a case file which contains information on the gangs suspected for the kidnapping.

    Each team then become detectives and must set off around town for 30 minutes completing tasks from the case file. With a little twist at the end the case is cracked however the fun is not over yet as the teams return to the investigation room and battle head to head contesting findings from the tasks. Everyone’s competitive sides are discovered.

    The winning team will win a bottle of Bubbly.

    Locations Available:
    Available All Over Ireland

    Approx. €25 per person (as a standalone activity)

    * Minimum Number of 15 People

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